About Us

Spicer Designs

We manufacture and sell high quality foam directly to wholesalers in the UK, Ireland and Europe. We are a very close family business located in Tavistock, Devon and absolutely love working together to make our customers happy.

We have a wide range of products available which includes a large variety of foam products and design collection, lovely selection of funeral card both large and small sizes and a beautiful selection of colours of pre-pleated ribbon.

We are extremely proud of the quality of the foam we have created. We have an outstanding team that all work hard to ensure it is tested to the highest standards – it is firm, easy to handle, soaks up plenty of water and has a great consistency.

Floristry had come a long way since ‘the wire and moss’ days and we are proud to say we can now create virtually any shape you can think of in our floral foam – our favourite part of the process is seeing Florist creations, we love seeing florists show off their creativity and love of flowers!

Inside Our Manufacturing Plant

Meet the Spicer Designs Team

Spicer Designs is a family run business which has been going since 1995. There are still a few Spicer members within the business however we consider the whole of our team to be family, we feel very lucky to have such a committed work force of very talented individuals who work hard together to produce the best quality foam and most creative designs to meet our customers’ increasingly diverse requests.

Meet our Spicer Designs family…

Martin & Jay

Martin and Jay are the proud owners of Spicer Designs Ltd. They both work hard to achieve the very best for both our staff and customers. Martin is our creative director and is responsible for the production side; he is also general manager of the factory floor. Jay is responsible for sales; researching new products and visiting customers

Charlotte & Rebecca

Charlotte and Rebecca run the administration and finance of the business. They also have the responsibility of taking all your phone calls, giving advice and answering all your queries. They make a really good team and are full of fun… And Chocolate!

The Team

We couldn’t do it without them! They are responsible for the production of our floral foam, manufacturing and gluing different products, working machinery, carefully shrink-wrapping and packaging, hand carving bespoke frames, checking stock, picking orders before finally dispatching them. We feel so lucky to have all these friendly faces working with us every day – DREAM TEAM!